Mobile Mattress inc. In Atlanta

Without exception, our mattress store is one of the best in Atlanta. We understand a typical customer sleeps on their mattress for 7 years. That's why these mattress retailers try to maximize profit during your purchase. Not us! Although this is a business and we're in it to make money, we don't believe in trying to maximize profit on our mattress sales. We believe in our no hassle, great deal purchase marketing plan.  We're more than happy to lose a few bucks to have a happy customer. A happy customer becomes a repeat customer and an excellent referral source. It's worked for all these years and we continue to expand.

Mobile Mattress Inc. supplies mattresses to realtors, movie production companies, law enforcement, hotels, students, etc. Just about everybody! Our wide selection of styles and brands makes us a one stop shop for your mattress needs. We carry local manufactures as well as the national name brand manufacturers.  If you want a cheap mattress, discount mattresses, or a great deal on a top of the line mattress then you've come to the right place. Call Today!